Hybrid App Development

Adina Data ServicesHybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

  • A Hybrid Mobile Application is a build to run on multiple mobile operating systems, both native and open source.
  • The hybrid app are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript and wrapped in a native application using platforms such as cordova as it offer numerous plugins.
  • The wide spread of mobile devices with myriad operating systems has propelled hybrid app grow rapidly.

How Adina Helps

  • Adina has, over the years, become the most preferred technology partner when it comes to building Hybrid apps, as we have designed robust apps that helped our clients enormously.
  • We use and implement the most advanced technology React Native as it offers the best of both the worlds, in terms of scalability, simplicity and security.
  • Since we used and implement the most innovative technologies enabled us build the hybrid app in quite time, thus reducing the costs for our clients.
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How it benefits our clients

  • We leverage set of libraries and development frameworks such as Xamarin and Phone Gap which help us deliver high quality Hybrid App.
  • This has empowered our clients reach out engage with their customers across multiple devices for increased download and revenue generation.
  • Cost effective, time to market acceleration are the key factors for clients and this precisely we offer to our clients helping them grow.
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