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Viral Marketing

  • Viral Marketing is an novel technique implement to create a viral effect on a for a company or organization
  • Viral can be created for a video, or on some captivating ideas that can go viral.
  • Viral effect is immediate and creates an effect quickly resulting in visibility..

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How Adina Helps

  • We come up with novel ideas and concepts that has the potential to go viral
  • The viral aspect usually is organic;it has to flow naturally. The idea is to plan something that is out of box.
  • We have creative minds with good experience in advertising industry to executive viral marketing concepts.

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How it helps our clients

  • Immediate recognition and good traffic
  • The idea of viral effect can be used effectively during launch of new products.
  • When things go viral it creates Immediate visibility on social media platforms, traffic to websites and conversions

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