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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to promoting products, services and solutions of a company.
  • The top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow companies and enterprises to create pages for free optimize them with content and invite users for engagement.
  • Every small medium company or big enterprises have social media presence and generate quality traffic.
  • Due to the increased usage of social media platforms numerous tools for optimization, building content, managing and integrating accounts and for analytics are freely available to use, utilize them to maximise the outreach
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How Adina helps

  • We at Adina have devised a concept called ICE, stands for interaction, communication and engagement. We exploit this concept to build relationship with users for our clients benefit.
  • Social Media is all interacting with users, understand their requirements, and tailoring our services to address users’ business concerns and offer solution.
  • We play the role of a catalyst between our clients and their prospective customers and help them understand each other for mutual benefit.

How it helps our client

  • Our sole goal and objective is to help our clients increase their social media outreach, increase visibility and drive quality traffic culminating into conversion.
  • We leverage the state of the art tools for optimizing, monitoring and analysing the data to help our clients take informed decisions.
  • We implement industry best practices, tailored road map plans and strategies, create content calendar for engagement so that our clients and all stake holders can review to take informed decisions.
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