SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics & Cloud)

  • SMAC stands for Social Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. It basically is the convergence of four technologies that is reshaping the way enterprise leverage these technologies in offering improved services to their customers.
  • SMAC can be defined as – The offering of services on cloud, Social engagement through hand held devices, track, analyse data, take informed decisions to drive growth.
  • The SMAC ecosystem digital transforms an enterprise, which maximising the customers outreach, helps in business innovation for increased productivity.
enterprise mobility solutions2
enterprise mobility solutions

How Adina Helps

  • Adina has always explored innovative technologies and been pioneering SMAC since its evolution.
  • Over the years, we have hired trained and nurtured professionals with high degree of knowledge and expertise in SMAC.
  • Our SMAC team with deep experience will understand the scope, carry out gap analysis and recommend the right fit SMAC solutions tailored specific to our clients’ requirements.

How it benefits our clients

  • We help our client build SMAC capabilities by – building mobility applications, integration of analytical tools, cloud offerings and social engagement with customers on myriad social platforms.
  • This paves the way for – digitally transforming the company, engage and communicate with all stake holders, access day via cloud and take information decision.
  • The convergence of four technologies provides the disruptive elements, creates a seamless process, and transformsenterprises and their businesses for improved efficiency and increased productivity.
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