Enterprise Mobility

Adina Data ServicesEnterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

  • Enterprise Mobility is large, huge deployment across the entire enterprise landscape cover the whole gamut of operations across myriad departments.
  • Primarily this is also termed as digital transformation of an organization as the apps build around their core technology assets.
  • Large enterprise leverages the mobile apps for communication internally within the enterprise and externally to engage with large customer base, acquisitions and other stake holders.
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How Adina Helps

  • Enterprise mobility design and development requires resources with deep experience in working with ERP software as integration takes place at that level. And ADS possesses them.
  • Each module of enterprise mobility is built with core domain expertise implementing the most advanced technologies such as Afaria, SAP apps, Fiori, Syclo platform customization
  • On demand services are growing rapidly and organization are looking at ways reach and engage with large customer base.
  • And we help large companies build enterprise level apps for increased profitability.

How it benefits our clients

  • Our solutions help automate of the entire process from building products, increasing their visibility, acquire customer base, and bring all stake holders on one platform.
  • The real time connectivity coupled with analytical insightful information in sectors such as manufacturing, supply chain management, and healthcare makes the organizations take quick informed decisions to propel growth with our services.
  • Secured on cloud, centrally access data and information reduces time drastically, improves speed significantly and agility makes the entire process seamless thus eliminating cobwebs for rapid growth.
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