iOS App Development

Adina Data ServicesiOS App Development

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IOS App Development

  • iOS is native app development for IPhones, iPad, Apple TV and watchOS.
  • All Apple products run on this operating system
  • With the growing number of Apple products, the market share of iOS is growing rapidly.

How Adina Helps

  • Thorough research, market analysis and feasibility is carried out before development.
  • The entire design, development and deployment are carried out by a specialized iOS team.The development is based on custom agile process for increased visibility, transparency that reduces risk

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How it benefits our clients

  • Development of iOS based apps helps our clients increase their market share, stay ahead in competition.
  • Our team works on Objective C and Swift including Cocoa, Cocoa Touch Framework
  • We leverage our core expertise in making sure we use the latest versions of iOS which empowers our clients’ efficiency and productivity exponentially.
  • The completely app optimization helps increasing the visibility in whichever the niche the app belongs for increase downloads and revenue generation.


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