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Portal Development

  • A portal is a customized, targeted website that collates information from diverse sources for easy access and dissemination.
  • The information is stored in respective dedicated areas to be retrieved from the UI.
  • The basic difference between a website and a web portal is that the information floating on the website is accessed from the browser by anyone and everyone.
  • Whereas, the information accessed also from the browser but with restricted access via a login and it is user specific.
  • And usually the web portal is dynamic in nature, powered through a backend database.

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How it benefits our clients

  • The web portal is made sure to integrate with the existing application in terms of technology, user experience and scalable maintaining the much needed efficiency levels.
  • The process is even simplified for ensuring business continuity for operational excellence
  • The portal bolster the data security aspect when deploy advanced security features to eliminate cyber threats.

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How Adina Helps

  • We possess excellent resources with deep experience in building small, medium to enterprise level portals.
  • The key, crucial and critical element in building a web portal is the choice of technologies that is consistent with emerging trends.
  • We are adept at making right choices and have the capability in building portals using Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, Python and Pearl, & MSQL and MySQL.

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