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Website Development

  • Website design and development is at the heart of our technology expertise.
  • We design, develop and build websites that are in consonance with the requirements and in line with users’ expectations.
  • We are adept at building using multiple technologies such as Java, PHP, .NET, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • We build and optimize intuitive websites implemented best practices. We also make sure the websites are responsive and accessible across multiple devices
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How Adina Helps


  • We engage with our clients in depth irrespective of a small or a big website
  • We make sure the navigation system is easy, simple and easily accessible.
  • The flow of content and images, videos are gelled with each other to give a rich experience
  • The banners for respective pages and the punch lines on it are coloured to clear visibility for enhanced appearance
  • Bread Crumbs are set up on each page to allow the users identify the flow

How it benefits our clients


  • The fundamental formula for business from website is the more the traffic, the more the leads, the more the leads, the more the acquisitions, which leads to more revenue.
  • We build websites that drive quality traffic leading to conversions.
  • The organic visibility factor is taken into consideration and the website is optimized with the more advanced on page optimization technique.
  • We help clients with quality websites not just to showcase their business but garner revenue for them and grow revenue
  • That is our ultimate objective.
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