• The UI (User Interface & User Experience) is a key component of a website, portal, web or mobile application.
  • For it is that the user engages with to navigate through and achieve desired objectives
  • And it is the UI, UX could eventually make the difference between a good and bad experience for the user.
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Website Development

  • Website design and development is at the heart of our technology expertise.
  • We design, develop and build websites that are in consonance with the requirements and in line with users’ expectations.
  • We are adept at building using multiple technologies such as Java, PHP, .NET, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • We build and optimize intuitive websites implemented best practices. We also make sure the websites are responsive and accessible across multiple devices

Web Application Development

  • Website Applications come in different shapes and sizes and they can be for internal or external use
  • The internal web applications are primarily focused at providing the employees to automate the process such as HR Management or Hospital, Pharmacy management.
  • The external web applications are extensively used to manage all stake holders, automate the process for increased efficiency such as CRM, Supply Chain Management.
  • Web Applications come in multiple business models such as SaaS (Software as a Services), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and PaaS (Platform as a Service).
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Portal Development

  • A portal is a customized, targeted website that collates information from diverse sources for easy access and dissemination.
  • The information is stored in respective dedicated areas to be retrieved from the UI.
  • The basic difference between a website and a web portal is that the information floating on the website is accessed from the browser by anyone and everyone.
  • Whereas, the information accessed also from the browser but with restricted access via a login and it is user specific.
  • And usually the web portal is dynamic in nature, powered through a backend database.
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